The Africa Project

The foundation works to honor the burden Anna had to defend and protect those who could not protect themselves. This is where the need seems the most extraordinary and Anna grew a personal interest in Africa just before her untimely death. Although the Foundation will be helping locally and regionally to serve, the launching point of our efforts is focused in Mbabane, Swaziland, Africa. This is the main focus of the Foundation. 

There, the Foundation has united with like-minded organizations to carry out this project. In Mbabane we are currently working with over 270 children daily, providing their one meal of the day, basic education, weekly medical clinics and a safe haven for children who live in otherwise compromising circumstances.

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Animal Welfare

The Foundation will  honor Anna’s love of creatures great and small by using funds to assist local animal shelters.  If you would like to restrict your gift to the animal welfare projects, simply let us know at the time you make your donation.


The Anna Brooke Hurdle Memorial Scholarship

The Anna Brooke Hurdle Foundation believes in education and will be funding certain scholastic programs in the honor and memory of Anna.